IBM Cognos Niche Services

Through our long tenure as IBM Cognos specialists, Greenleaf has the capability in providing out of the box solution to various IBM Cognos implementation. Our IBM Cognos niche services includes,

Cognos SDK Solution


Our strong Cognos BI team provides any services to implement out of the box solutions using Cognos SDK such as,

  • Implementing Custom Authentication Provider
  • Implementing Single Sign – On
  • Migration of Groups/Users/User Classes from Security Provider to Cognos Namespace
  • Creating and customizing the custom user groups in Cognos Namespace
  • Passing the reports/objects XML definition to external applications
  • Development of Enterprise reporting system using Cognos report engine
  • Customized Reporting system User Interface
  • Implementing the communication of Cognos and other applications using HTTP POST method

Impromptu Services

We continue to provide services such as Cognos Impromptu, IWR, and Catalog migration to Framework Manager, Performance tuning of impromptu reports Etc. We help our customer in automating the impromptu report generation process in series with database update, report conversion to Office format, trouble shooting/Performance tuning Impromptu Web Server in both Linux/Unix and Windows environment.


GreenCAP is an open source Java product, which can be used for implementing high level security (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3) for your Cognos BI implementation. It uses IBM Cognos SDK libraries for implementing the Authentication Provider and Single Sign-On (SSO) capability.

Custom View in Multi Dimensional Cube

We have strong expertise in implementing customized security on dimensions suing Cognos Transformer MDL scripts. This is the only way by which customer can implement data level security in Multi Dimensional cubes.

Cognos Migration & Performance Tuning Services

Our experts help our customer in various Cognos maintenance activities such as Migration from various versions, Migration on various environments including cloud, Performance tuning and diagnosis of existing implementation, reports and Cognos objects. We provide solution & services in various IBM Cognos tools such as,

  • Cognos Express
  • Cognos TM1
  • Cognos Report Studio, Query Studio, Metric Studio, Event Studio
  • Cognos Framework Manager
  • Cognos Adaptive Analytics
  • Cognos Powerplay Transformer & Analysis Studio
  • Cognos Impromtu
  • Cognos IWR

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